Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Software Solutions and Deployments have been one of our major tiers of service delivery that makes our client stick to our uniqueness.

     i.    Property Management Software (PMS)
          a.    Hotel Management Software
          b.    Point of Sales Software

     ii.    School Portal Software
           a.    Higher Institution Portal Software
           b.    Primary and Secondary school management Software
           c.    E-test for Schools software solution.
           d.    Microsoft Distance Learning Curriculums

     iii.    E- Government
            a.    E-Birth and Death Software

     iv.    Enterprise Solutions
           a.    Email Exchange Server
           b.    Active Directory
           c.    Local Instant Messaging
           d.    Local Hosting Service
           e.    Server Virtualization Service
            f.    Unified Communications ( All Above solutions in One)

Our Projects

Over the years, ITCity Global Communications have fulfilled our parts of delivering extensively to various industries, different technologies ranging from Safety, Security, Network and Server Solutions.

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Federal Ministry of Finance, Abuja

Installation and deployment of 4MB Dedicated Bandwidth Internet services Via Satellite using 3.8m...


Galaxy Bone Plc

ITCity Global Communications deployed a Mass Installation of VSAT.


NNPC Co-operative Abuja

We deployed a structured Internet services Via Satellite using 2.4m VSAT.